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Cesar Franov


Cesar Franov is a professional bass and keyboard player, producer and teacher.
He studied guitar, bass guitar, harmony and musical theory under Oscar
Taberniso, Carlos Madariaga and Gustavo Gregorio. As a musician, his main
experience has been working and touring the country and the world with
prominent Argentinian musicians such as Litto Nebbia, Fito Paez, Luis Alberto
Spinetta, Dino Saluzzi, Fernando Kabusaki, Victor Bibliogine, Santiago Vázquez,
among others.
From 2009 to 2013, he participated in a real-time sound intervention of
Metropolis at the MALBA Museum, the Rosario Municipal Theater and public TV.
He has also performed in numerous concerts alongside musicians such as:
Fernando Samalea, Barbara Togander, Matías Mango, Pablo Dawi, Sami Abadi,
Hernán Kerlleñevich.

During his solo career, he recorded Sonidos de Aquel Día (Quique Sinesi-Cesar
Franov, Melopea Records, 1987), Hermanos Franov (Alejandro and César Franov,
Melopea Records, 1988), Electric Bass & Composition (César Franov, Melopea
Records, 1991), Silverio el Volador (César Franov Group, Melopea Records, 1995),
San Cristóbal (César Franov solo bass MDR, 2009), ADN (Cesar Franov, Pomo,
Pablo Suarez EPSA, 2012), Victor Biglione Return to Buzios, 2014. He has
participated in the recording of Llegamos de los Barcos (Litto Nebbia 1983),
Bajo Belgrano (Spinetta Jade 1983, Madre en Años Luz (Spinetta Jade 1984),
Nací en el 63 (Fito Páez 1983), Un trompetista de Buenos Aires (Roberto Fats
Fernández 1986) and Los Aviadores (Néstor Marconi, Horacio López, Gustavo
Bergalli, Litto Nebbia, Cesar Franov, 1989).
He has toured Uruguay, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Halle, Leipzig, Paris,
Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Zurich, Innsbruck, Koln, Munich, Sicily,

Barcelona and Madrid.

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